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Meet our Superhero team of child health and parenting experts! We are going to get you to parenting mastery!

Dr Dina Kulik - The Parent Playbook

Dr. Dina Kulik, MD, FRCPC, PEM

Pediatrician, Emergency Doctor

Dr. Dina Kulik is a mother, pediatrician and pediatric emergency medicine physician in Toronto. She is the Founder of Kidcrew, a multidisciplinary clinic for children. She is Canada's leading child health media expert. Her greatest joy is her family and being the mom of four active, happy boys. 

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Rosalee Lahaie Hera, BArtSc, MBA, PhD(abd)

Certified Sleep Consultant

Rosalee Lahaie Hera is a Certified Pediatric & Newborn Sleep Consultant, a Certified Potty Training Consultant, the founder of Baby Sleep Love and the co-founder of The Parent Playbook. She’s also a Mom to two beautiful little humans.

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Alexandra Jean, M.H.Sc. (C), CCC-SLP, Reg. CASLPO

Speech Language Pathologist

Alexandra Jean is a paediatric Speech Language Pathologist in private practice servicing the Greater Toronto Area. She has a special interest in early language development, oral motor delays and autism. She thrives on helping children and families reach their full communication potential.

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Allison Madigan - The Parent Playbook

Allison Madigan, DHN

Holistic Nutritionist

Allison Madigan is a Holistic Nutritionist, founder of The Vitality Formula, a facilitator of The Wild Collective and mother. She helps overwhelmed women prioritize themselves and regain their energy and vitality. Her purpose is to empower them to lead a holistic, healthy and mindful life.

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Winta Desta - Parent Playbook with Dr Dina Kulik

Winta Desta PT, MScPT, HBK 

Registered Physiotherapist

Winta Desta is a Physiotherapist, Basketball Coach, and Founder of MayeHealth, a digital health education platform for the Eritrean diaspora. She supports infants, children, youth athletes, and their families by helping them meet their movement-related goals.

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Parent Playbook with Dr Dina Kulik  - Author Alyson Martinez

Alyson Martinez, RD

Registered Dietitian

Alyson is a Registered Dietitian with over a decade of experience, working with infants and children to overcome all types of nutrition issues. She has gained her skills working in the paediatric department of an academic acute care hospital, and also maintains a private nutrition counselling practice.

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Parent Playbook - Taya Griffin

Taya Griffin, IBCLC

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Taya is a breastfeeding mother with over 1,200 hours of clinical experience helping mothers achieve their breastfeeding goals. Taya helps moms in clinic, at home, and in the hospital once they have had their babies and am also passionate about helping mothers prepare for their breastfeeding experience. 

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Parent Playbook - Erika Caouette
Erika Caouette, BSc, RPh.


Erika is a pharmacist/Owner of Mortar + Pestle Compounding Pharmacy in Toronto. She is also married, and a proud mother of three very active kids. When she’s not busy meeting and counselling her patients, Erika can be found on a run, yoga mat, or ski hill!

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Our GUEST Experts

Meet our Superhero team of child health and parenting guest experts!

Tanya Cotler, MA, PhD, CPsych

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Tanya Cotler is an adult and child Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Toronto, Canada. She specializes in maternal mental health, parent-child attachment, infant and child development and mindfulness.

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Sarah Rosensweet

Peaceful Parenting Coach

Sarah Rosensweet is a certified peaceful parenting coach, and the parenting advice columnist for Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper. She lives in Toronto with her husband and three big kids (ages 13, 16, and 19). Sarah has helped thousands of parents go from overwhelmed and frustrated to “I’ve got this!”

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Trish Curling

Certified Yoga Teacher & Personal Trainer

Trish Curling is a former Elementary School teacher. She is a mother, yoga teacher, personal trainer and found of Ani O Yoga. Trish specializes in weight loss, strength training, and the therapeutics of yoga. She is extremely passionate about moms feeling confident and empowered in their own bodies.

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Dr. Jillian Satin - The parent playbook - via Dr. Dina Kulik

Dr. Jillian Satin, Ph.D., C.Psych


Dr. Satin is a registered Clinical and Health Psychologist with a special interest in perinatal mental health (pregnancy and postpartum). She works with mothers and fathers to improve their mood, anxiety, stress management, and adjustment to their expanding roles and responsibilities as parents.

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Jennifer (Jay) Baum, RD, CDE

Registered Dietitian

Jay is a Registered Dietitian with 10 years of experience working with families. She is the owner of Pommetta Nutrition, a private practice based in Toronto. Jay is a former professional chef and mama to two boys. She practices from an intuitive eating approach with an emphasis on eating competence.

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Alley Dezenhouse Kelner, MA Counselling Psychology

Clinical Director, Therapist

Alley is the Clinical Director of Magnificent Minds Inc., where she supervises special education and therapy programs for children with complex needs ranging from Autism, to ADHD and dual diagnoses. She uses best practices in mental health and behaviour science to empower kids and their parents.

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Sacha Welsh, CHC

Certified Health Coach

Sacha Welsh is a Certified Health Coach, Founder of Welsh Wellness and soon to be mom of 3. Specializing in fertility, pregnancy and postpartum health, it is Sacha’s passion to help women achieve their health goals while accomplishing one of life’s greatest challenges: motherhood.

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Alejandra Penalosa, BA CYW MFT

Parenting Consultant

Alejandra is a parenting consultant and family therapist, founder of HeartSmart Parenting. She’ll help you enjoy the gift of parenting by providing you with a set of tools to help you navigate the challenges and have fun throughout the journey. She’s a mom to a toddler and a stepmom to a teenager.

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