Ask a Pro – How do I adjust nap time after a short nap?

Ask a Pro – How do I adjust nap time after a short nap?


How do I adjust the nap time and bedtime schedule after my 9-week-old takes a short nap? Your nine-week-old baby is allergic to sleep at night. He consistently sleeps an hour and a half to two hours and easily goes back to sleep between feeds during the day. You pay attention to wake windows, follow the same routine, and he falls asleep quickly, but wakes up the second you put him down or has very short naps.



So, this is totally 100% developmentally appropriate. I would not expect a nine-week-old to sleep for longer than 30 minutes, or even less than that, if you put them down, especially if they’re asleep before you put them down.

Transfers are very unreliable as of about six weeks old or so. They’re always going to sleep better on you and sleep longer, especially if they haven’t yet learned independent sleep skills. This is why I love working with newborns, because if we can teach them these skills in very age-appropriate, gentle gradual ways before this time, you could be getting longer naps right at this time.

But even some independent sleepers at this age are not taking longer naps because their sleep cycles just have not matured. So, he’s not allergic to sleep. If you miss a wake window, so if he wakes up earlier than 30 minutes at nap time, I would adjust the next wake window to be 15 minutes shorter. If he ever get any of those crappy naps where they’re 15 minutes or shorter, we want to halve the next wake window.


Author, Rosalee Lahaie Hera

Author, Rosalee Lahaie Hera

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