How to Get a Baby to Sleep at Grandma’s House

How to Get a Baby to Sleep at Grandma’s House

As a parent to a newborn baby, you may have forgotten what the sound of silence is and, indeed, what it feels like to truly get a full night’s healthy sleep.

Babies are notorious for not sleeping throughout the night, and as you know, a lack of sleep can be incredibly detrimental to your physical and mental health.

As children grow and develop into toddlers, not a significant deal changes in terms of sleeping routines.

If Grandma and Grandpa are expecting to have your little bundle of joy over for a sleepover, despite the parents being apprehensive about spending time away from their baby, the prospect of some alone time and a good night’s sleep will almost certainly be very appealing to a mother.

 As exciting as a sleepover at grandma’s house may be, getting your child to go to bed at night in unfamiliar surroundings is much easier said than done.

 Here’s a look at a few things to know about getting your child to sleep at grandma’s house.

Healthy Sleep For Grandma’s House

Some Ground Rules Include:

  • Lots of Playtime During the Day
  • Activities to keep the baby awake
  • No sugar before bed
  • No Naps After Five
  • Low Lights before bed

Bedtime Routine

Many parents find it difficult to get the baby into a sleep routine because they constantly change bedtime. It’s a great idea to establish consistency early on with daily rituals and bedtime routines that work for your child, so when they go to the grandparent’s house, they do not keep them awake all night.

A bedtime routine is an essential part of your baby’s day and sends the signals that it’s time to wind down.

The best routines that work with the family schedule can be implemented consistently and bridge their transition from busy days to tranquil nights. These moments may become one of the coziest times you spend together every day.

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Your baby starts to sleep more regularly as they get older. As their internal clock becomes a little more predictable, you may be able to start implementing some basic newborn sleep schedules and anticipate your child’s natural sleepy times for them to learn how to go to bed on their own!

Your baby needs to develop healthy sleeping habits. This includes maintaining a regular daytime and bedtime sleep schedule as much as possible.

Keep the New Baby Active in the day, so they Sleep at Grandmas House

Try starting by playing fun active games during the day then moving onto calm activities like puzzles or coloring in quiet moments near nighttime

– This keeps them from getting too excited right before going to sleep but gets them tired out after all of those hours spent doing fun things throughout the day! Keeping everything and consistent will help make things seem more normal and routine. This should make the sleeping schedule a little easier to control.

While your baby is awake, make sure to provide an engaging environment and lots of stimulation. For example, play with them throughout the day by making eye contact when trying to talk or sing along while you read a book together.


Be Active During the Day and Calm at Night to Fall Asleep Easily

The less stimulating activities should happen during their nighttime sleep time, where it’s best to cuddle and nurse them for comfort until they fall asleep peacefully on their own without much fussing at all.

During daylight hours, keep things exciting for your little one! Keep playing with them as often as possible (especially after they have eaten), even if that means keeping up some energy in order not to let his nap take over completely – don’t worry about fussy behavior too much because this can be normal.


Packing For a Night at the Grandparent’s House

Children tend to have items that bring them comfort. This could be a cuddly plush toy, a comforter, a pacifier, a crib sheet, or anything else for that matter.

These items bring them comfort and help them feel safe and relaxed at bedtime when they go to sleep at grandma’s house.

When the time comes for your baby to go to sleep at the grandparent’s house, they can tuck them in their crib with their favorite comfort items and enjoy a healthy sleep without worrying about being up all night.

Before you drop them off at grandma’s, be sure that you’ve packed all of their favorite comfort items, as this will create a much more relaxed environment when they need to got to sleep.

When heading over to Grandmas its good to make a checklist of the essentials:

  • Car Seat
  • Diapers
  • Baby Clothes ( pajamas, change of clothing)
  • Baby Food
  • Bottles / Bottle Cleaner


Be Wary of Treats

One of the perks of going to grandma’s house is that kids know they will get treats.

We can’t speak from grandma, but before you send your baby and children over for a sleepover, be sure not to send them over there hopped up on sugar as they will be hyperactive and on a sugar high. Then, when the time comes to go to bed, sleep will be the last thing on your child’s mind.

Politely ask that grandma/grandpa go easy on the sugary treats, particularly later in the day, as sugar can wreak havoc on a child’s routine.

Avoid giving your baby anything high in sugar or salt, which may cause problems with their teeth and kidneys. In addition, if they develop a taste for sugary food, it will be harder to teach them healthy eating habits later on.


Healthy Baby Snacks Before Bed:

  • Fruit
  • Oatmeal
  • Milk
  • Yogurt


Try to Mimic Surroundings From Home

Whether you’re dropping off a new baby, or a toddler, as far as getting them to sleep in an unfamiliar setting goes, it’s recommended that you try to recreate their normal bedroom setting at their grandparent’s place.

 Mimicking the bedroom at home will help babies feel more relaxed and at ease because they’ll get reassurance from the familiar surroundings and settings.

Children love familiarity, and until they get familiar with grandma’s place, they’ll likely struggle to get healthy sleep. Creating a familiar environment will help rectify this and get them off to the land of nod much quicker.

You don’t need to redecorate grandma’s spare room and build an identical replica of your baby’s bedroom at grandma’s, but try to include items that your child will recognize, like a regular bed and a favorite toy.


White Noise Machine

This machine is a device that produces sound with the intention of calming people. Some of these sounds include rushing water or wind blowing through trees- it’s basically nature in your room.

White noise is recommended for babies to help them sleep. The soothing sounds help babies go to bed faster.

White noise is a clever way to mask unwanted sounds that happen in your environment.

There are also machines designed specifically for babies that mimic their mother’s heartbeat and lullabies played on an instrument like the piano or guitar.

The white noise is a great idea if one lives in the city or a noisy establishment.


Trustworthy Health Information

A healthy nighttime routine is an important way to help your baby get a good night’s sleep.

Good sleep hygiene can help you get more rest, whether or not you have a newborn at home. Strategies include:

-Avoiding sugar in the evenings

-Not using electronics before bedtime (e.g., avoid posting on social media)

-Sticking to a regular sleep schedule


Here are some relaxation tips that can make them feel more relaxed for bedtime:

  • Take a warm, not hot bath before going to sleep;
  • Keep lights dim during storytime;
  • Have them go to bed at the same time every night.


Final Thoughts

The tips in this article will help you determine when the best time is for your baby to go to their grandparents’ house for their first sleepover. A new baby will remind one how important sleep is. Getting a break and having a grandparent babysit is needed sometimes. Grandparents have had their fair share of putting kids to bed.

These principles can also be used during a vacation or while visiting family and friends. These are just some of the many ways that understanding how babies sleep can make parents’ lives easier.

Falling asleep is easy; usually, all it takes is a little routine and comfort. Whether the baby is in a hotel room, a new house, grandma’s house, or the car, as long as the baby is comfortable and sleepy, they will sleep.

With this trustworthy health information, your grandchild should be just fine the next time they sleepover. So if you will be hosting your grandbaby for a night or two and want them to do their best sleeping while they’re there, let the parents relax and have no worry or doubt that grandma.



Now that we’ve shared a few tips on getting baby to sleep at grandma’s place, let’s take a look at some common frequently asked questions regarding helping your child sleep at grandma’s:

Where does your baby sleep at grandparents?

A-One of the most common questions surrounding this topic is where your baby will sleep at their grandparent’s house. They can’t sleep in their bed, so where do they sleep?

There are plenty of options in the form of a crib, co-sleepers, bassinets, and play-yards, which all work very well with babies and young children.


When can I Let my Baby Sleep at Grandma’s House?

 A-Some babies are unable to sleep without their parents, especially if they’re very young. So new parents may find themselves wondering then, when is the right time to allow your baby to a sleepover with grandma/grandpa?

According to experts, the ideal age for an overnight stay is between 4 and 9 months of age.

Any younger and baby may require breastfeeding or bonding time with you, so leaving them with grandma and grandpa overnight wouldn’t be feasible.


Will My Baby Forget Me if I Go Away?

A- To some, this may sound irrational, but if you have been or are a mom, you’ll undoubtedly be able to relate to the same thing. Many new parents, particularly mothers, worry that their babies will forget about them if they spend a night or two away from home.

Your baby will not forget you, though you must accept that they will bond with other people, including their grandparents.


Dr. Dina Kulik, Parent Playbook

Author, Dr. Dina Kulik

Author, Dr. Dina Kulik

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